Imagine a low cliff facing the beach and you walking down a red carpet towards your loved one.. The clichéd movie scene can be wedding. There is a reason Destination Wedding In Chennai are popular these days. Gather your circle and chillax. Pick the destination and get your vows ready. The scenic beauty will be a part of your wedding.
• Mahabalipuram – With the cool sea and rich heritage in your background, you can choose good old Mahabs with one among the plethora of resorts nearby for leisure and entertainment.
• Resorts & Beaches – A rich ambience only adds to the festive mood. What is better than a laid back wedding in a resort, sipping mocktails near a pool? You can even pick a resort with a theme that would go perfect with your wedding.
• Farmhouse weddings – The lush green farmhouses with wooden floors in locations quite next to you. Sounds like a dream in the hustle bustle of city life right? Why not take a day off the regular and hold your marriage in a farmhouse?

• Colour themed – Set a deep red, crispy emerald or rust orange as the theme for your wedding. We can infuse the general vibes of your Wedding Venues In Chennai, decorations and guests with a subtle mix of your colour of choice.
• Royal theme – With Grand arches, red carpets and castles, Walk down the Aisle regally and get dreamy like royalty. You deserve no less on your special day. The ambience and vibrance, we take care of. The attitude is yours!
• Pop-culture (Disney, Series themed) – Are you that Potterhead who wants to get married in the likes of the Great Hall? Or maybe a small wedding in the Shire? Rather see lanterns fly like Tangled? You’ve come to the right spot. Set your imagination free and give us deets. You then get to witness magic.

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