5 unique gift ideas for the guests to make your wedding the talk of the town

5 unique gift ideas for the guests to make your wedding the talk of the town

Greatest happiness lies in making our loved ones happy. Since weddings are all about happiness and getting along with our close ones, gifts and favors have always been a part of wedding celebrations all over the world. It involves a lot of time and planning to narrow down on what you would be actually treating your guests with. But it is always a great idea to go with something unique and customizable for your close friends and family members who made your special day even more special with their presence and blessings.

Here I have curated a list of ideas that you could consider while planning your wedding gifts. So, let’s have a look

The Traditional way

Traditional giveaways like sweet boxes, sindhoor dabbas, and colourful bangles might be an old practice but you can still make that work by adding a little twist. You can give your gifts a fresh look by choosing beautiful packaging. How about printed chocolates packed in boxes designed according to your wedding theme or sweets and dry fruits filled in nicely decorated mini silver or glass boxes? You can even add a thank you note and tie it on the box to make it more personalized. Interesting, isn’t it?

Scented Candles and perfumes

Candles and perfumes are two beautiful things, that, when combined together can help brighten up anyone’s mood. There are so many different flavours of scented candles and potpourris available in the market that you can choose from. If you have particular colours in your wedding theme, try getting candles of the same colour. For example, a blue coloured scented candle with a tropical theme printed decoration on it would be a perfect idea for a beach wedding. You can also add a tiny bottle of perfume with it if that costs you under your budget.

Umbrellas and Hand fans

What could be a better option than printed umbrellas and painted hand-fans when they can add to your wedding decor and also serve as giveaways for the guests at the same time. Your guests can use the umbrellas to beat the summer heat if you are having an outdoor wedding or party; one single thing and so many wonderful options. Why not give it a try?

Handmade beauty products

Giving away handmade products to your loved ones is a very interesting option since it adds a very personal touch. There are many small businesses selling handmade beauty products like soaps, oils, shampoos, etc. You can also make it on your own using essential oils and scented

wax. Just make sure you go all natural in your ingredients. A goodie box with two to three products accompanied with a scented candle is a very sophisticated and classy wedding favour option.

Go green with eco-friendly gifts

A lot of people have started to give away nature-friendly gifts for their guests like saplings, seed balls, wedding invitations with seeds infused, eco-friendly gift boxes and thamboolam bags, handkerchiefs made of washable ink, and so on. This is highly appreciated and looked upon by the family members and the society since they serve as an inspiration and teach us to be responsible towards our surroundings.

Wedding gifts have come a long way from sweet dabbas and sindoor boxes to eco-friendly gifts and goodie bags. Using customized and interesting packaging ideas is key to make your gift stand out. No matter what you give your guest, the packaging will help you make the experience top notch. It is always worth to take that extra effort to make your guests feel special as a token of thanks for making your wedding a memorable one.

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