Exquisite Wedding Food Ideas Under Your Budget

Exquisite Wedding Food Ideas Under Your Budget

Indian weddings are popular all over the world for various reasons; traditions and rituals that are unique to each part of the country, pompous celebrations, and overwhelming emotions. One such important and most looked forward to part of a wedding that cannot be compromised is food.

You guessed it right! We are going to talk about some wedding food today. Fun right? I mean, who doesn’t love food. And it is going to be even more interesting for the ones currently planning their wedding as I will give you some ideas and multiple options to choose from what we offer at Mantra Weddings. So let’s get started

Authentic Tambrahm menu  – A conventional South-Indian style Brahmin Thali is a full course meal served traditionally on a banana leaf/Vala elai. Each and every item on the menu is selected to put together a flavourful vegetarian delight. Some of the must-haves of a traditional Brahmin thali include dishes like usili, paruppu vadai, mor kuzhambu, and payasam. The colorful serving is not only visually appealing but is sure to make your mouth water.

Multicultural menu – This is the perfect option if you are a foodie and do not like to stick with just one type of cuisine. You can customize the menu, with a combination of different cuisines according to the occasion, and your taste and preferences.  To make it more special for you, apart from Indian dishes, we also got a range of global cuisines. How about some Italian pasta with Mexican roasted potato salad? Well, when weddings are going to be cross-cultural, the food menu definitely needs a twist too.  

Live food counters –  It is rightly said that ‘There is always have room for dessert’. No one will ever get tired of the varieties available when it comes to food. Set your expectations high with us, as there are more on our list to surprise you. Apart from having traditional catering services and buffet, we also set up live food stations where you get to taste your favorite bites like pizzas, ice-creams, dosas, and chaats, customized to your taste with flavourful seasoning. So, get ready to make some space in your tummy.

Classic North-Indian Menu – At Mantra, we offer an extensive Rajdhani thali filled with exquisite North-Indian staples like roti, chawal, masaledar gravies, and dessert with a fair share of buttery goodness. This will your ultimate comfort food if you are a true foodie who would love to see large varieties on the plate.

Organic food menu – Are you the one who is also concerned about health than just the taste? Don’t worry. We got the perfect combination of taste and health with our organic wedding food menu, with no preservatives and artificial flavors added. The menu will suit all your guest, from toddlers to older people, even those who are health conscious and follow a strict diet. A healthy yet delicious menu guaranteed.

Food is undoubtedly one of the essential elements of an Indian wedding scene. Everyone wants a top notch and unique menu for their wedding. We, at Mantra Weddings, help you put up a scrumptious wedding treat that would be praised and remembered by the guests for years to come.

From native delicacies to continental cuisines, from life-size buffets to appealing food stations, we have endless options for you to choose from, that too under your budget. We are just a call away.

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