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Choosing a birthday party theme can be a kick off point to a great birthday celebration. You don’t have to stick with the classic idea of some old balloons and a birthday cake to get into that birthday mode. This post will help you get creative with your ideas so that you can make this birthday bash a memorable one for your special ones.

Cotton candy theme

This colourful candy-theme is just the perfect one for your little girl. The kids are sure to love the sugar rush. The cake is filled with bright colours, plenty of frills and cottony treats that melt in the mouth. After all, what theme could be better than a sweet-filled theme for a birthday?

Ice-cream theme

This one is a great theme for a birthday party, and can be opted for both boys and girls. It is a great way to set the tone for any celebration. Ice cream can be scooped into muffin cups and served to the kids. Ice-cream shaped balloons can also be made with the help of charts. 

Minion theme

Every kid loves those crazy little minions, and what better way to make their special day even more special than creating a minion theme? Yellow foods take the topmost spot – pineapple tarts, banana shakes, popcorn to snack on. Guests can be handed out yellow and blue hats to don on to match the theme!

Circus theme

This circus-theme can be organized to look almost as good as a real carnival! While circus has become rare-to-see event, you can recreate the look and fun of a real one under a big top for your little one. Younger children are sure to enjoy the games organized under this theme.

Adventure theme

Give your little one an adrenaline rush by sending them on an action-packed treasure hunt! This theme works for both boys and girls and can be adapted for any age. Throw your little ones a bash they’ll never forget by sending them hunting for clues which will keep them occupied for the duration of the event. 

Pirate theme

This theme is perfect for the adorable little rascals and is sure to be a big hit with the boys. Pirate-themed accessories like eye patch, hat and hook can be handed out, which could make things even more exciting for those little ones. 

Little Mermaid theme

This one is for your little girl. Every pretty little mermaid will adore this under-the-sea theme, complete with a blue coloured setting and little merm-people dolls. The cake can also be topped off with a little mermaid, and the icing on top can be made to suit the theme. 

Cowboy theme

Yeehaw! Give this cowboy-themed birthday party a shot for your boy if he is a fan of the Wild West. It is a classic one for the boys, and you can buy a pair of boots, a cowboy hat and make boot-shaped cookies to bring this theme home. 

Transport theme

Is your child really into things that move? Like maybe a toy bus, or a toy truck? If that is the case, then this theme is a step in the right direction for you. Party invitations can be cut in the shape of vehicles, and car-shaped cupcake toppers are the way to go. 

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