Types of Invitation cards

Types of Invitation cards

Invitation cards do the job of inviting our loved ones to the most memorable days of our lives. There are many different varieties of invitation cards available in the market, each type being unique in its own way. Some differ in shapes and sizes while others differ in the kind of material being used. An Invitation card reflects your happiness and hopes and also says a lot about your style and preferences as a couple.

Let us dig into the different types of invitation cards available so that you can choose what will best suit your needs and taste.

Personalized envelopes

Personalized invitations are among the most traditional and common methods used all over the country. Depending on the size of the envelope, the wordings are printed on the material of choice, mostly paper, which is then kept inside the envelope. The names of the guests can also be printed on the envelope to give the invite a personal touch.

Eco-friendly invitations

Eco-friendly invitations are in trend these days; well, why not when they are causing good to the environment. These invitations are made up of biodegradable seed infused paper that can be planted to grow. They can also be decorated with some real flowers and petals to make the purpose even more visible.

Debossing and Embossing

These types of invitations are also among the common and the most used. In debossing, a design is pressed into the paper to create an indent, while, in embossing, the design or element is pressed on the paper using two metal plates, giving a raised effect. Both methods do not involve any ink and used just to give a special texture to the images.

Belly band

Belly band invitations give your guests a feel like they are opening a gift. These are made with ribbons, paper or decorative fabric that is wrapped around your cards to hold them together. You can include maps and other personal notes that will be neatly contained with the band.

Engraved invitation

Engraved invitations are the most formal and most expensive type of invitation. The letters are engraved into different kinds of paper and sometimes on wood which is cut into desired shapes. In this method, the wordings are pressed at the backside of the material using an etched metal plate creating a raised look.

Foil Stamping

If you are a person who likes a little bling and shine, go for foil stamped invitations. In this method, the design is made on a metallic plate which is then pressed to transfer the metallic foils on to the paper. Stamping can be made inexpensive if you are sticking to a single design and printing in large quantities but could cost you more if you choose a variety of designs.

Laser cut

This typically involves using lasers to cut and make precise and intricate designs on the invitation material. Laser cut invitations are one of the most cost-effective ways to give a classy touch to your invites and can be used with almost any type of material, even, wood.

Online invitation designing

You can follow a unique approach by going paperless with digital invitations. The best part is that you can design your own. There are many types of digital invitations that include videos, photos, animations, and caricatures. You can also get it printed if you want to.

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