Popular  wedding ideas from around the world

Popular wedding ideas from around the world

When it comes to wedlock, themed weddings are the rage these days. And having decided to go in for a theme wedding, picking one can soon become overwhelming with the sea of choices available out there. Would you like to go for a soft theme, like romantic lights with mild lighting and candles, or would you rather make a bold statement by picking a party theme? If you have zeroed in on one, you can focus on that theme and move forward with your planning. But if you’re still unsure about the best style, we’ve curated a list that could make this job easier for you.

Fairy tale 

This is the theme that every girl would’ve dreamt to have since her childhood. If your Plan for Fairy tale style I would suggest Wedding Organisers In Chennai. They will plan your Wedding According to your Needs. After all, which princess wouldn’t love to be swept off her feet by prince charming? Every bride deserves to feel like a princess on her wedding day, and what best to complement that than the fairy tale theme? Some ideas include Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and Cinderella

Green wedding

Sustainable wedding ideas are gaining prominence of late, with all the hazards of environmental pollution floating around. This theme focuses on going green for your wedding – by using materials that are eco-friendly. Weddings are notorious for wasted food and materials, and opting for this theme could be your way of saying that you care.

Ideas include eco-friendly invitations and opting for an outdoor venue.

Season wedding 

Colours can be chosen to reflect the current season. Once the wedding colour is finalized, all other stylistic decisions are easy. Season theme can be also colour coded to match the colour of Mother nature, so that it blends in one.

Ideas include yellow and magenta for summer weddings, pale green and white for spring weddings.

Royal wedding 

With the buzz around the British royal weddings in the recent years, you might just want to add a touch of majesty in your own wedding. Royal weddings are a mark of lavish yet elegant styles, and this can be achieved through the use of colours and decor.

Ideas include historic estate or castle with gold and royal blue accents, long trailing dresses.


It is one of the most loved themes today. This theme lets you experience the romanticism of the past. Couples can opt for different eras and a huge variety of accessories to be placed that could evoke a feeling of nostalgia in the minds of the guests.

Some ideas include retro gowns and decorating with antiques.

Fusion wedding 

With the globe having become a village, it’s no wonder that fusion weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Fusion weddings are challenging, as they have to ‘fuse’ both the families and their cultures and also please both sides of families at the same time.

Ideas include serving food from both cultures, music and dance.

Contemporary wedding 

This theme has a basic touch of the traditional and classic wedding with a contemporary twist, which can be a modern dress choice or wedding venue. It is essentially a classic wedding with a focus on the latest trends to add a twist to the tradition.

Ideas include modern take wedding invitations, hair/dress styling and decorations.

Beach wedding 

Beach weddings are the most preferred and they are popular all year round. Sea-side weddings are considered to be the most romantic and relaxing. No other theme could parallel the feeling of taking your vows with the sound of tide behind you and sand between your toes as you say ‘I do’ and step into the next phase of your life.

Ideas include flowy dresses and flower arch arrangements.


This theme sets a very casual mood for the couple and the guests. It is a theme focussed on fun and it includes plenty of music, booze and dance. Couples also opt-in for a club theme where there are disco lights playing around.

Ideas include disco lights, rap music.


The wedding venue can be decorated in colours that are aesthetically pleasing, like yellow and beige, or the bride and groom can opt in for bold colours like red and white to denote their love for each other. Either way, colours tend to set the mood for the occasion to come and once set, all the related accessories can be colour-matched accordingly.

Ideas include yellow and beige, red and white, pink and blue.

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