What’s on our Menu?

From the tasty treats of the north to the healthy meals of the South, we’ve got you covered. Because half of the spirit for a wedding stems from the food we eat there. A cheat meal on weddings doesn’t count, especially if the taste sticks to your tongue.
Start with you assortment of sweets, be it Rosgolla or kesari, because you deserve a sweet start! Move to appetisers and starters. The main meal can be the Westernised Desi or your Grandmother’s Kaimanam. End it with desserts – it’s okay to have a cheat day.
Sit down meals to buffets – fret not! We serve food with a dollop of comfort.
You can customise and tailor menus according to the occasion in hand – Baraat, Sangeet, Mehendi, marriage, reception or just a quick bite; the list ends only when you want it to.
• Brahmin Thaligai: Did you know the Usili goes best with Mor Kuzhambu? Pair that Paruppu vadai and the Pachidi. It takes special enthusiasm to attack the extensive thaligai and ravish vegetarian delights. We offer the complete traditional menu that has evolved with time and taste.
• Classic Thali: Start with the sweetest, devour your way through the ultimate array of chawal, roti vagaira, daal, palak, panneer, all of it splashed with makhan. Serve the food of Rajdhani with gusto to your guests.
• Cross culture bites: Combine your favourite cuisines tastefully and present a wonderful palate to your guests. Not just Indian, you can grab Italian, Chinese, Thai and Mexican dishes, and infuse them into your menu.
• Live counters: You get to see your favourite dishes like Dosa, Pasta, Chaat, Pizza and much more right in from of your eyes, customised to all your preferred condiments.
• Organic food: No added preservatives! Only fresh and the best for you. Also. many people have particular dietary restrictions or preferences based on cultural or health issues. We take all your needs into consideration and give you healthy yet happy meals.
Don’t worry, your guests will praise your wedding meal for long time to come.

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