Trending decoration ideas for wedding

Trending decoration ideas for wedding

Choosing a decor for your dream wedding is as important as deciding on a destination. There are innumerable choices available out there, and more often than not, you could become emotionally and mentally drained checking them out and picking one if you haven’t landed on one already. Once you have finalized the destination, you have to go for a decor that compliments it. To make the task easier for you, here we have picked out the top seven decors that are trending today.


Floral decor

When it comes to important wedding elements, flowers are a must-have. They bring colour and life to the event and help with ushering in the celebratory mood. Flower power cannot be undermined as it adds fragrance to the wedding, both figuratively and literally. Choosing the right combo can not only accentuate the place setting but also serve to create the perfect background for photographs. Here is an idea for you to consider:

Hues of white and red

What better way to profess love than with the color of passion? This setup is best suited for an indoor wedding where the entire backdrop can be decked with red and white roses, and stage hangings can be made to reflect the backdrop. To complement the backdrop setting, drapes, canopies, and lights can be made in hues of red.

Wedding Decoration

Shiny/Shimmery decor

The D-day can be made dazzling in every aspect, starting from the attire of the bride and groom, the stage setting and the decor. The in-style these days is to have a party setting, and what better way to achieve that than by adding dazzling and dancing lights?

This look can be achieved by the use of miniature bulbs and disco lights in the sides, and the stage hangings can be made with small shimmery little mirrors, golden strings combined with silver and white stage-hangings. The curtains and drapes can be set in white, adorned with little mirrors to achieve that dazzle-effect, and set the party mood for the wedding. A novel idea for you to consider:

LED lit triangular patterns

Make use of geometric patterns like broken triangles, squares, and other shapes, lit up with LED lights to go with them. This is the perfect setting to bring in the celebratory mood, and it is one of the most trending ideas as of today. 

Wedding Decoration

Origami decor

Tight on budget? Putting a novel spin on your wedding is as simple as cut, fold, and stick. Floral decorations are omnipresent, and you can try origami flower setting in place of real flowers to give a different spin to your D-day. Some of them are even super-easy that you can DIY. They can be made to look refreshing and cute at the same time, such as small paper cranes, miniature flowers to be hung on strings and what-not. Stage hangings can be made creative by the use of origami designs, like making super-cute flower balls and hanging them over long strings. Flower balls made from paper can be set at different places to set the wedding theme.

 Also, with origami flower decorations, you don’t have to worry about whether the flowers would wither out. The lighting has to be chosen to match the paper theme, as papers reflect light much more differently than actual flowers do. Also, since the entire decoration is made with paper, you should be careful not to take any lamps near them as they could catch fire. An idea for you to consider:

Origami stage decoration

Make use of paper lanterns to set the romantic mood. Colourful paper umbrellas can be placed in appropriate places and small paper balls can be hung on strings with small lights inside them.

Wedding Decoration origami

Rainbow colour decor

ecor themes are often restricted to two or three colours, and that theme is maintained throughout the wedding venue. But it’s not always necessary to restrict yourself to a few colours. The time has come to experiment with bold and vibrant colours – VIBGYOR! Now is the time to tread the less taken path, experiment with this bold idea to make a mark on your wedding day. 

Flower decorations can be done to match the VIBGYOR theme, by opting for vibrant colours and clubbing them together in vases. Stage hangings must include a combination of colours like violet, orange and yellow, which can be achieved with the help of hanging lanterns or curtains. The drapes on each side can be of a different colour, and the stage backdrop can be decorated either with flowers or VIBGYOR coloured papers in effect with the decor theme. An idea for you to consider:

Rainbow lanterns

Make use of wall hangings, drapes, paper flowers and buffed up pom-poms of different rainbow colours to achieve this theme.

Wedding Decoration-

Eco-friendly decor

At the rate at which the Indian wedding industry is growing today, it’s important to be conscious and find ways in which we could reduce our carbon footprint on this planet. Also with all the noise around climate change and environmental pollution, going green is one of the best ideas to minimize wedding waste. The colour theme, in this case, is quite obvious – green, white and brown/earthy tones that compliment the ‘I care about my Earth’ theme. 

To adhere to this theme, couples can make use of green materials like wooden chairs, wedding invites embedded with seeds which could be planted and making use of garlands made of green leaves instead of flowers. An idea for you to consider:

Having the wedding in an open garden

Go for an outdoor wedding, use drapes and hangings made of cloth. Avoid the use of any plastic materials, use bamboo glasses and plates instead, which can easily be decomposed.

Wedding Decoration

Balloon decor

Wedding decors almost always involve flowers, drapes, curtains and glitters. Couples these days are looking at unique ideas, and making use of balloons is one way to stand out from the crowd. Balloon is an essential element of every celebration, be it a party or a wedding. With vibrant colours and their ability to float around, they help in bringing an excitement to the event. While it might come across as a decor item meant for small events like birthday parties, balloons can be custom-made and decorated at wedding venues to give a unique feel. Consider these ideas for instance:

Monochrome or multichromatic balloons

The entrance arch can be made out of balloons by stitching them together in the form of an arc. White balloons can be hung above the aisle pathway through which the bride would walk to the stage. Stage backdrop can also be made with balloons, using monochrome or a combination of colours to complement the overall wedding theme. 

Wedding Decoration

Royal decor

Looking to add a touch of royal elegance to your wedding? Making use of the Royal decor is one way to achieve that. Opting for this theme will certainly be an extravagant experience, considering all the accessories associated with it. This decor can bring to life the pomp, glory and the richness associated with the historical period. What better way to exchange vows in front of a royal backdrop like a Prince and Princess?

Consider the following ideas to implement this decor:

Chandeliers, anyone?

Make use of chandeliers, golden draperies and a jewel-decked stage with pillars covered in golden cloth. Opt for a variety of exotic flowers to add to the royal touch. Red carpet, fireworks and colourful rangoli can all help in adding to the grandeur.

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